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Working principle of the rapid pressure switch

Author : Zhou Date : 9/15/2014 11:03:33 PM
Working principle of the rapid pressure switch 
Relay box by sensing mechanism is divided into upper and lower cavity container, the lower cavity is exposed to the transformer under internal pressure.Transformer internal pressure changes cause the upper container pressure difference, when the provisions of two differential pressure is reached, the sensing mechanism driving micro switch.PG - 1 bg can be corrected to the pressure difference at o. 15 kg/cm2 and drive 15% or more.
Pressure sensing mechanism is equipped with a device of transformer internal pressure will be allowed to pass into the upper container.In transformer failure occurs when the rapid increase of pressure, the lowest pressure rising rate of 0.02 kg/CMZ/s and the relay drive will be 25%.

The above: 
The rational use of pressure fluctuation and the pressure switch