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What are our requirements for quantitative piston pump hydraulic valves

Author : FAZHAN Date : 2/19/2020 10:36:23 PM
What are our requirements for quantitative piston pump hydraulic valves

To use a hydraulic quantitative piston pump, the water must be above the pump. For example, there is a pond on the hillside, so the pump can be installed under the pond. From the pond to the pump. The pump has a valve that allows water to pass through the pipe and speeds up the flow. When the water reaches its maximum speed, the valve closes. The valve is closed and the flow of water is under great pressure due to inertia in the pump. Open valve pressure second. High pressure water flows through the valve and pipes (usually there is an air chamber to allow water to rush into the room to contain as much high pressure water as possible). When the pump pressure goes down. The first valve opens again, allowing the water to flow and gather momentum again. The second valve is closed. Water pipes lift water to the top of pumps and water sources. For example, if the pump is 3 meters below the pond, the outlet of the pipe can be about 30 meters above the pump.
Our quantitative piston pump hydraulic valve requirements:
1. Flexible movement, reliable function, small impact, small vibration, small noise and long service life.
2, liquid through the hydraulic valve, pressure loss is small; When the valve is closed, good sealing performance, small internal leakage, no external leakage.
3. Control parameters (pressure or flow) are stable and subject to external interference when changing.
4. Compact structure, easy installation, debugging, use, maintenance and good universality.
So when maintaining pump parts, should replace the needle. Required needle size error: all needle diameters shall not exceed 0.003mm, length tolerance shall be 0.1mm, clearance with the shaft shall be about 0.01mm, needle assemblies shall be arranged in parallel with each other according to the required number of full bearing shells.