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Surface adhesion repair technology of hydraulic gear pump

Author : Zhou Date : 1/24/2018 10:56:33 PM
Surface adhesion repair technology of hydraulic gear pump
1. Surface adhesion technology is suitable for the repair of parts and equipment of various materials. Will join the molybdenum disulfide, metal powder, ceramic powder and fiber special packing such as adhesive, coating directly on the material or parts surface, make have wear-resisting, corrosion resistant effect and so on, the gear pump is mainly used for surface strengthening and repairing. Its technology is simple, convenient and flexible, safe and reliable.
2, glue coating, coating process cylindrical shaft sleeve, collar face joint surface, the gear end face or pump shell inner hole small area uniformity of wear is between 0.15 0.50 mm, scratches depth, when more than 0.2 mm, strictly in accordance with the correct process principle line mucous coating can get satisfactory effect.
The adhesive patching process includes: 1.initial cleaning; 2. Pre-process 3, final cleaning and activation treatment; 4. Preparation and repair agent; 5. Apply coating; 6. Curing; 7. Finishing, cleaning or post-processing.

The above: Components of hydraulic system of hydraulic press.