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Static flow balance valve knowledge

Author : Xiong Date : 3/23/2018 10:01:58 PM
Static flow balance valve knowledge
The static flow balance valve is a stop valve with a scale. When the pressure difference is constant, the scale corresponds to the flow rate. When the pressure difference changes, the flow rate also changes, which is equivalent to a throttle element with a fixed partial resistance. Its adjustment is by means of a dedicated flow meter and the opening value on the valve body. By changing the flow resistance of the valve, the pressure difference between the front and rear of the valve can be adjusted to the design flow under the design conditions.
When the oil system's oil conditions change so that the valve differential pressure changes before and after, need to readjust. Since the static flow balance valve can only be balanced under a certain working condition and cannot meet various operating conditions of the air conditioning system, it is a balancing valve that cannot be changed after one adjustment. It is suitable for a fixed flow heating heating system. However, the use of multiple floors and rooms in a building is ever-changing. The dynamic changes in the oil system make it difficult for the static flow balance valve to satisfy the user's use and adjustment. What's more, the commissioning cost is 0.3%~o of equipment investment. 7%.
The dynamic flow balance valve can overcome the above drawbacks, change according to the pressure difference of the oil system from time to time, absorb excessive pressure difference, ensure the design flow, and automatically balance the oil system.

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