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Specification for hardness of piston pump parts

Author : Xiong Date : 2/13/2020 10:06:01 PM
Specification for hardness of piston pump parts

The friction pair of spherical mixing flow is corrected by grinding method when the surface of mixing flow is shallow. When the groove of the flow distribution surface of the cylinder is deep, the "surface engineering" method should be used first to fill the groove, and then grinding, not blind grinding, to layer thinning or leaking out of the steel base.
The friction pair of plane flow distribution method can grind on the path with high precision.
Cylinder block and hydraulic piston pump before grinding, should first measure the total thickness of the specification and the specification should be ground off, and then compensation to the adjustment pad. When the grinding amount of distribution plate is large, it should be heat-treated from scratch after grinding to harden the layer hardness (see table 2).
Table 2 hardness specification of plunger pump parts put the oil distribution plate flat on the path or plate glass, and then put the cylinder block on the distribution plate, write diesel oil in the cylinder hole, to the interval of oil injection, that is, one hole oil injection, one hole no oil injection, query over 4h, no diesel oil leakage and hook in the plunger hole, indicating that the cylinder block and distribution plate grinding qualified.
Valve plate and cylinder after correcting, can choose the following method to check the collaboration of the leakage, namely in the valve disk coated with vaseline oil, exhausted, the drainage way with good oil valve plate flat on the path or flat glass, then put the cylinder valve tray, diesel, written into the cylinder hole spacing to oil, namely, filling a hole a hole not oiling, query more than 4 h, piston diesel without leakage and communicate in the hole, cylinder and valve disc grinding is qualified.
4 conclusion
Hydraulic piston pump use life length, and usually maintenance maintenance, the quantity and quality of hydraulic oil, oil cleanliness. To reduce the oil particles on the plunger pump friction pair constitute wear and tear, is the extended plunger pump life.

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