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Selection principle of gear pump seal pad

Author : Xiong Date : 11/26/2017 5:20:58 PM
Selection principle of gear pump seal pad
The selection principle of the seal pad of the gear pump is that it can be selected from experience and not be replaced in due time. In general, non-metallic soft honey gasket is used in normal temperature and low pressure. Metal and non-metal seal gaskets or metal gaskets are used when medium pressure is high. When the temperature and pressure have a large fluctuation, choose the elastic or self-tightening gasket; In low temperature, corrosive medium or vacuum conditions, the sealing pad with special performance should be considered. The effect of flange condition on gasket selection is required here.
Effect of surface roughness of gear pump flange. The surface roughness of flange has great influence on the sealing effect, especially when the non-soft gasket is used, the roughness of the sealing surface is one of the main causes of leakage. For example, turning the flange surface grain is spiral, use metal gasket, if the roughness value is bigger, gasket can't dissuaded knife lines formed by the spiral groove, under the effect of pressure, the medium will follow the groove. The soft seal pad requires much less light to the flanged surface, because it is easy to deform and can block the processing knife lines, thus preventing leakage. For soft gaskets, the flange face is too smooth for the disadvantage, because the interface leakage resistance is small. Therefore, the surface roughness of the flange surface is different.
The influence of KCB gear pump flange form. Flange forms are different, and the required gaskets are different. Smooth surface flange is used only for low pressure, with soft sealing pad; Under high pressure, if the flanges are strong enough, smooth surface flanges can also be used, but should be used with thick soft pads, or with inner ring or reinforcing rings. In this case, the metal gasket does not apply, because the pressing force is too high, which causes the bolt to be large deformation, so that the flange is not easy to seal. If a metal gasket is used, the smooth surface should be reduced to reduce the contact area of the gasket. In this case, the compression stress of the narrow and smooth surface will increase under the same bolt tension.

The above:The development prospect of gear pump