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Rapid pressure switch test operation

Author : Zhou Date : 9/16/2014 10:47:39 PM
Rapid pressure switch test operation
Every 3-5 years of transformer periodically check operation experiment was carried out at the same time, to check the performance of transformer, a test plug can be used for experiments.
(1) first of all should be test the micro switch, cut off the auxiliary protection circuit with a red light to check the action of micro switch.
(2) use hydraulic or pump device measuring accuracy of transformer internal pressure, pressure and keep the record.
Remove the cap. 
(3) from the test battery, upper transformer container pressure began to decline due to pressure from the test then plug in the discharge and differential pressure, micro switch will be driven, and keep the 5-6 s status

(4) a finger pressure on the test plug opening, as through the transformer from input high pressure transformer, relay the pressure in the upper container is gradually increased.Once the relay the upper container pressure transformer internal pressure level, the micro switch is reset.In order to determine the reliability of the relay performance should also be measured from the test plug closed to the micro switch reset time elapsed.
(5) the curve of the figure 2 can be use to judge the test result, when surrounded by a reset time fell on the curve of area that performance is satisfactory.

The above: Working principle of the rapid pressure switch