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Precautions for use of gear pump

Author : Date : 2/10/2020 10:53:59 AM
 Precautions for use of gear pump

1. The installation between the pump drive shaft and the output shaft of the prime mover adopts the elastic coupling, the coaxiality deviation shall be less than 0.1mm, and the coaxiality deviation of the shaft sleeve coupling shall be less than 0.05mm.
2. The driving device shall ensure that the force on the driving shaft of the pump is within the allowable range.
3. The oil absorption height of the pump shall not be greater than 0.5m.
4. A mesh filter is often installed at the oil suction port of the pump, and its filter accuracy shall be less than 40 μ M. The filter set on the return circuit of the system has a better precision of less than or equal to 20 μ M.
5. The working oil shall be selected in strict accordance with the regulations, and the working temperature range is - 20 ~ 80 ℃
6. The rotation direction of the pump shall not be wrong, that is, the position of the oil inlet and outlet of the pump shall not be wrong. The pump must be disassembled and assembled in strict accordance with the factory instructions.
7. Tighten the screws of the oil inlet and outlet pipe joints of the pump, and the sealing device shall be reliable, so as to avoid air suction and oil leakage, and affect the working performance of the pump; avoid the pump starting with load and stopping with load.
8. Before starting, it is necessary to check whether the relief valve (safety valve) in the system is at the set allowable pressure.
9. For the new pump or the hydraulic pump after maintenance, the empty load operation and short-term overload operation shall be carried out before operation. Then check the working condition of the pump, no leakage, impact sound, excessive heat and noise are allowed.
10. If the pump is not used for a long time, separate the pump from the prime mover. When reusing, it is not allowed to use large load immediately, and there should be no less than 10 min of empty load operation.