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Mechanical knowledge: the maintenance of piston pump

Author : Zhou Date : 2/14/2020 9:32:40 AM
Mechanical knowledge: the maintenance of piston pump

Piston pump is an important device of hydraulic system, with high rated pressure, compact structure, high efficiency and convenient flow regulation and other advantages, is widely used in high pressure, large flow and flow need to adjust the occasion. In daily use, it should be timely maintenance, in order to make it play the best effect.
After using the plunger pump supplied by the replenishment pump for 3000h, the operator shall check the piston pump 1-2 times a day to check whether the operation sound of the hydraulic pump is normal. If found that the hydraulic cylinder speed down or boring car, should be on the oil pump disassembly inspection, check whether the impeller edge is scratch phenomenon, whether the clearance of the internal gear pump is too large. For self-priming plunger pumps, the oil in the hydraulic tank shall not be lower than the lower limit of the oil standard, and an adequate amount of hydraulic oil shall be maintained. The higher the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil, the longer the service life of the hydraulic pump.
The most important part of the piston pump is the bearing. If the bearing has a clearance, the normal clearance of the three pairs of friction pairs in the hydraulic pump cannot be guaranteed. At the same time, the thickness of the hydrostatic supporting oil film of each friction pair will be damaged and the service life of the plunger pump bearing will be reduced. According to the information provided by the hydraulic pump manufacturer, the average service life of the bearing is 10000h, more than this value needs to be replaced with a new port. Disassembly of the bearing, there is no professional testing instrument can not detect the bearing clearance, can only use visual inspection, if found roller surface scratches or discoloration, must be replaced.
In the replacement of the bearing, should pay attention to the original bearing English letter and model, piston pump bearings are mostly used with large load capacity bearing, it is best to buy the original manufacturers, the original specifications of the product, if the replacement of another brand, should consult the experienced personnel on the bearing table for replacement, the purpose is to maintain the accuracy level and load capacity of the bearing.
Plunger pump service life, and the usual maintenance, the quantity and quality of hydraulic oil, oil cleanliness. It is also an effective way to prolong the life of plunger pump to avoid the wear of oil particles on the friction pair of plunger pump. In maintenance replacement parts should try to use the original factory production parts, these parts are sometimes price is more expensive than other fake parts, but the quality and stability is better, if the purchase price cheap imitation parts, saving the cost seems to be in the short term, but it brings hidden trouble, may also use of plunger pump cause even more damage.
The distribution disk has two forms: plane distribution and spherical distribution. The friction pair of the spherical mixing flow is repaired by grinding when the scratch on the mixing flow surface of the cylinder body is relatively shallow. When the groove of the flow distribution surface of the cylinder is deep, the "surface engineering technology" method should be used first to fill the groove, and then grinding, not blind grinding, in order to prevent the copper layer thinning or leaking out of the steel base.
Above is the plunger pump daily maintenance measures, reasonable and effective maintenance is to extend it.

The above:Specification for hardness of piston pump parts