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High pressure gear pump main fault

Author : Xiong Date : 10/11/2012 7:07:06 AM
High pressure gear pump main fault

High pressure gear pump main fault is the actual flow down and output pressure lift is not high. The reason for this is that high pressure pump internal parts fit clearance between due to wear and increase, resulting in the internal leakage increase.

According to the high pressure gear pump structure and working principle, normally wear basically has two places. One is the gear face and before and after plate or floating side plate wear between rhyme, causing the axial clearance increase, Secondly, addendum and pump casing wear between, better known as the "sweep bore", "Saul chamber" commonly occur in the inlet side.

High pressure pump and bore after, the radial clearance increases. According to the statistics calculation, the axial clearance leakage caused by the increase in the total accounted for about gear pump leakage of 75% ~ 80%, and the radial clearance leakage caused by about 15% ~ 20%. Therefore, the two fit clearance is the influence of the gear pump volume efficiency and pressure of the main factors. In addition, because the cause of the machining accuracy, the two gear meshing line place also can produce high pressure cavity to low pressure cavity oil leakage phenomenon, but, the oil leakage volume accounts for only of total leakage amount of 4% ~ 5%.

High pressure pump will be due to the pump shaft seal scratches or skeleton spring fall off, and packing material aging appears outside leakage. That also can make the gear pump volume efficiency and lower pressure.

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