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Engineering machinery emergency repair

Author : Xiong Date : 3/6/2018 4:31:09 PM
Engineering machinery emergency repair
In the course of operation or driving, a simple repair method should be adopted to ensure reliable driving or operation. Such as bulldozer engine stalling when homework, overhaul engine connecting rod bearing burn out, due to no parts replacement, so use soldering repair welding, and its surface with a knife to smooth level off, suitable size, installed after the clean, diesel engine returned to work.
Construction machinery emergency emergency repair of the nine major recruitment.
Construction machinery used for a long time, will produce the phenomenon of oil, water and air, casualty, more suitable for construction in tunnel construction machinery for a long time, because of its limited working space, easy to have the hydraulic or diesel fuel tank leakage fault caused by the collision. Once this happens, you can use epoxy resin glue to patch or apply soap, emergency stop. If there is perforation, it can be treated with a cork, and then tied with wire or rope if necessary. If the pipe connection is loose and the oil is leaking, the raw tape of the random tape can be twisted around the thread for 3-5 laps before tightening it.
In the field of engineering machinery, spare parts should be taken as much as possible to make emergency replacement. If the sealing parts of the cooling water pump of diesel engine are caused by water seal wear and aging, the water pump will leak, and the water pump will return to normal after replacing the new water seal. Of course, for hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic pump or hydraulic valve, replacement of its seal repair, it is more effective. Also, it is easier to replace the machine assembly, such as replacing a diesel filter or a hydraulic oil filter.
When a bolt breaks or slips in the construction machinery, it may be considered that the wire and stick should be used to bind and bind, so as to temporarily restore the operation state. If the air pressure mechanism of the type 74 excavator is damaged, the front axle can not be connected and the off-road performance of the machine is reduced, so that the hydraulic cylinder can not be locked. When the front axle needs to be connected, the fork shaft can be separated from the cylinder and the fork shaft is pushed in, and then fixed after the rotation of the fork shaft, so as to ensure the driving of the front axle. Similarly, this kind of emergency treatment can be adopted if the hydraulic cylinder or the braking mechanism has a pressure drop or no air pressure.
Without affecting the operation of the engineering machinery, it can be removed to remove the temporarily unused and damaged parts. For example, the damaged diesel engine can be removed and temporarily supplied with a battery to the starting system. Some of the pieces are removed and after a simple repair, they can be used in emergency. If the gas production of the diesel engine is damaged, it can be removed and ground, and it can be used temporarily for the basic restoration and sealing of valve seat ring.
"Short circuit"
If an engineering mechanical starting system or a component in the control circuit is damaged, it can not be repaired and replacement of spare parts. If the use condition permits, it may be considered to short-circuit to meet emergency use. But you can't use for a long time, because of the short circuit after the following will often increase calorific value of the circuit, could burn down the other circuit element, must be replaced immediately after the vehicle comes to a conditional damaged components, to prevent the emergence of a new failure.
After the low pressure hydraulic tubing is damaged, the original length can be restored by other pipes to facilitate emergency repair. Excavator, for example, due to long-term use of tubing aging or frayed, causing the tubing broken and cannot be blocked, when no spare tube replacement, cut out the damaged section, such as plastic or rubber hose set at opposite ends of the tubing solid prison, conduction.
In operation or driving, if the circuit or hydraulic system is damaged, the damaged part can be disconnected and temporarily not used. For example, when a conductor on the starting system of the engine is discharged, it can not be ruled out for a while, but it can suspend the power supply to the ignition system, so that it can provide first aid. If several parallel branch circuits of hydraulic system of a certain fault occurs, can tear down the oil inlet and plug seal at this time, in this way, the other branch circuit can still continue to work, to timely repair when finished homework.
When a construction machinery spare parts damaged make it can't work, temporarily does not affect the work of other available car parts or parts manufactured by local materials to replace, but this method improves the performance of the engineering machinery maintenance to recover is poorer, usually only used when the no-load running. For example, the fan belt of the small excavator can be replaced by the tape and braid in a short time.

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