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Components of hydraulic system of hydraulic press.

Author : Zhou Date : 1/13/2018 7:43:36 PM
Components of hydraulic system of hydraulic press
We have been specialized in the production of hydraulic system for more than ten years, and now we are going to introduce the components of hydraulic system of hydraulic press.
The hydraulic components can be divided into dynamic components and control elements and actuators. Although all are hydraulic components, their own function and installation and use of technology.
The requirements are not the same, and are briefly described as follows:
What is the power element of the hydraulic system?
Power elements refer to various hydraulic pumps.
1. Gear pump and series pump (including external meshing and internal meshing).
2. Vane pump (including single stage pump, variable pump, two-stage pump and duplex pump).
3. The plunger pump is divided into axial plunger pump and radial plunger pump, and the axial piston pump has a quantitative pump and variable pump. (variable pump is also divided into manual variable and pressure.
The power compensation variable, servo variable and so on are divided into two types: end face distribution and valve type oil distribution, and radial plunger pump oil distribution.
Type, basically valve type oil distribution.
What are the control elements of hydraulic system?
All kinds of hydraulic valves belong to the control element.
1. Pressure control valve.
(1) pressure control valves include overflow valve, electromagnetic relief valve, unloading relief valve, one-way overflow valve and pressure relief valve, one-way pressure reducing valve and sequence valve and one-way flow.
Sequence valve and so on.
(2) the scope of the sequence valve is divided into the direct control sequence valve, the remote control sequence valve, the unloading valve, the direct control one-way sequence valve, the remote control one-way sequence valve, the direct control balance valve.
And the remote control balance valve and other seven, as well as the pressure relay, and various pressure control valves, in all kinds of hydraulic transmission system, according to different conditions of use and.
Feature requirements for various hydraulic systems.
2. Directional control valve.
Directional control valves include one-way valve, liquid control one-way valve, electromagnetic directional valve, solenoid ball valve, solenoid directional valve and manual reversing valve and manual rotary valve.
3. Flow control valve.
Flow control valves include: throttle valve, one-way throttle valve, speed-regulating valve, one-way speed control valve and travel throttle valve, one-way trip throttle valve, one-way travel speed control valve, etc.
There are several actuators for hydraulic system.
The actuator has a hydraulic cylinder and a hydraulic motor.
1. Hydraulic cylinder
Vehicle oil cylinder, single oil cylinder, hydraulic cylinder, swing oil cylinder, single action multi-stage oil cylinder (sleeve oil cylinder), double acting multi-stage oil cylinder and spring complex.
Oil cylinder and so on.
2. Hydraulic motor
Hydraulic motor, with gear motor, blade motor, plunger motor and so on, which means that almost the oil pump can be used as a motor in theory.
3. Low speed high torque hydraulic motor.
(1) internal meshing cycloidal motor.
(2) internal curve hydraulic motor, split shaft rotation and shell rotation.
(3) double disk axial piston motor.
(4) radial piston hydraulic motor.
(5) ball plug type low speed high torque hydraulic motor.
(6) static balance low speed high torque low hydraulic motor.

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