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Analysis of Excavator Rotary Motor Faults and Remedy

Author : Zhou Date : 5/23/2018 11:32:24 PM
Analysis of Excavator Rotary Motor Faults and Remedy
First, the hydraulic motor rotary powerless hydraulic motor is the executive body, located in the end of the hydraulic transmission, is to convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, so that the platform rotation. This motor uses an axial piston point contact with a medium speed hydraulic motor.
1. Phenomenon: Platform rotation speed is less than 6r/min during work
2. Reason analysis: The structure and working principle of hydraulic motor and axial piston pump are basically the same. Axial piston pumps generate power by absorbing oil and pressure, that is, converting mechanical energy into liquid pressure energy. The hydraulic motor enters high-pressure oil, and the low-pressure oil is discharged, which means that the liquid pressure energy can be converted into mechanical energy. In this regard, the hydraulic motor substantially corresponds to a combination of a plurality of single-cylinder plunger cylinders, that is, a plurality of one-way cylinders are uniformly distributed circumferentially, and the outer ends of the plungers are positioned on the swash plate. When the oil pump supplies pressure oil to the oil cylinder, the plunger sticks out under pressure oil and slides down the swash plate, thus generating a torque. The oil pump continuously supplies pressure oil to the hydraulic motor, and the hydraulic motor continuously The rotation, and through the gear box so that the final drive gear and frame fixed ring gear meshing to drive the platform rotation.
It can be seen from the above that the construction and working principle of the hydraulic motor is basically the same as the working principle of the hydraulic cylinder mentioned above. If the hydraulic motor has a fault with a slow rotating speed, its analysis, diagnosis and elimination methods and the working device hydraulic cylinder and axial column The plug pump is similar, so it will not be repeated here. Analyze, diagnose, and troubleshoot hydraulic motor problems.
Second, the hydraulic motor "crawling"
1. Phenomenon: When the platform rotates, it stops suddenly, ie, the rotation is not continuous. Slow speed, lack of power and so on.
2. Reason analysis: The hydraulic motor is an energy conversion device. That is, the input liquid pressure can convert the mechanical energy output. If the efficiency of the pressure motor itself is not considered, it should be the input of the energy equal to the output. From this point of view, the powerlessness of the hydraulic motor must be reduced by the input of the hydraulic motor, and when the energy is difficult to overcome the rotational resistance of the platform, a stall occurs.
According to the hydraulic transmission principle, the hydraulic motor is rotated by liquid pressure. The hydraulic motor is stopped when the control valve is connected to the pressure oil circuit, which is inevitably due to the fact that the working fluid pressure of the hydraulic motor plunger cylinder is insufficient to overcome the platform operation resistance and stop. When the energy to be accumulated is enough to overcome the resistance, the hydraulic motor rushes to overcome the resistance, the pressure of the oil in the system drops sharply, and the motor pauses again, thus repeatedly forming a platform to “crawling”, or preventing the hydraulic motor from rotating. Excessive resistance causes "crawling." As far as the flow of the input hydraulic fluid can be reduced and the working pressure reduced, please refer to the analysis and diagnosis of the slow rise of the boom cylinder.

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