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Air cooler's working principle

Author : Xiong Date : 9/27/2012 5:27:10 AM
Air cooler's working principle 
Air cooler industrial chillers working principle: use a active rotor and two star wheel of the mesh produce compression. Suction, compression, exhaust three continuous process is to rely on rotor, star wheel rotation generates periodic volume change to achieve rotor tooth number for six, star wheel for 11 teeth. The main components for a rotor, two star wheel, the body, main bearing, energy control device. Capacity can be from 10% - 100% stepless regulation and three or four stages regulation.

Compression principle:
1 suction process: gas through the air entry into rotor tooth. With the rotation of the rotor, star wheel in turn into and rotor tooth meshing state, gas into compression cavity (rotor tooth surface, casing lumen and star tooth surface by the formation of the confined space)

2 compression process: air cooler with the rotor rotation, compression cavity volume constant decreases, and gas with compression until compression cavity front turn to vent.

3 exhaust process: compression cavity front turn to vent to exhaust, and complete a work cycle. Due to the star wheel symmetric arrangement, cycle in a week every rotating when it happened twice compressed, displacement is the corresponding week cycle displacement two times.

1 water cooled chiller and air-cooled water chillers, each has its own characteristics, according to the different use of the environment, space, and the refrigerating capacity of the unit size, and different city region to carry out comprehensive consider to choose.

2 water cooled chiller must match cooling tower, to open recirculating cooling water system, due to the cooling water absorption quantity of heat, and air contact, CO2 escaped into the air, the water dissolved oxygen (do) and turbidity increase, resulting in the recirculating cooling water system with 4 big problem: corrosion, air cooler scaling, bacteria and algae growth and sludge. If no water quality treatment will seriously damage the refrigeration equipment, reduce heat exchange efficiency, causing a waste of energy. Therefore, the water system and corrosion and scale inhibitors, algae fungicidal treatment is very important

Water cooled chiller cooling system must be installed electronic water treatment device, or strong magnetic water treatment device, otherwise the cooling efficiency attenuation is too big, use the time to grow more, the effect of the system, the worse annual water treatment cost high, the effect may not reach 100% scale removal. Recirculating cooling water water quality is the key.

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