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Products > Pressure switch > > Pressure switch JCS-02N
Product name : Pressure switch JCS-02N
Item : 01
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JCS-02N/02NL/02NLL/H type pressure switch




Rated pressure

Max pressure



20-210 kg/cm2

230 kg/cm2



15-60 kg/cm2

230 kg/cm2



5-40 kg/cm2

60 kg/cm2



20-500 kg/cm2

600 kg/cm2



Max voltage/current

Min voltage/ current

250V/3A 125V/5A  

DC 24V/ 160 mA

Outside size:



Product introduction:

Pressure switch JCS series built-in micro switch, induction from hydraulic system pressure convey the electrical signal to electromagnetic directional valve or electric motor make it change direction or warning, closed circuit, in order to achieve the effect of system protection.

Pressure switch is the use of liquid pressure to open/close electrical contact hydraulic electrical interface element. When the system pressure to achieve value of pressure switch setting , a signal, make electrical components (such as electromagnet, motor, time relay, electromagnetic clutch, etc.) action, make the oil pressure relief, reversing, execute component realize order action, or closed motor make the system to stop working, and the safety protection, etc.

Our company production of all kinds of pressure switch has small volume, advanced craft, small flow resistance, complete product specification , 0-500 kg/cm2 pressure scope, complete installation: female, male, plate installation, pipe installation! Reliable quality, long life and other characteristics, widely used in various industries of automation control field, have won the user's praise from all walks of life.

ZF HYDRAULIC in the spirit of "high quality, best service, strives for the development" the spirit of "high-quality products, reasonable price, considerate service" concept and responsible, public principle to your promise:

We can assure you that the factory's products are in accordance with the relevant national standard production and inspection, unqualified products will not be out of factory. Ensure strict performance, cash products three guarantees, strictly implements national industrial product after-sales service relevant provisions.


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